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DATABYTE Launches FUSION For A More Robust Cloud-Based Software Environment

Databyte, launched FUSION, a web-software platform, which will enable the company to take its software products to a new level thanks to a more robust new cloud-based software environment.

The web-based software platform integrates user enrollment and management, a software license payment gateway and an applications licensing module, which provides a cloud-technology environment. Thanks to this integrated environment the company’s software can be accessed and offered over the Internet without the need for local infrastructure deployments or software installations.

Fusion is supported by Azure – the flexible, robust and scalable enterprise-grade cloud-computing platform in association with Microsoft. DataByte has a list of standalone software systems as well as integrated software suites in line to go on this totally new framework.

Mr. Frederick Micallef, one of DataByte’s founders and CEO said that through Fusion, the company, which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary, continues to build on its long-standing reputation of serving clients with technology that helps them grow. Over the years, we’ve supported household names in a number of key economic areas, by providing be-spoke services and software, which helped them grow. Fusion is the next step in our service offering, to facilitate deployment of our products.

Mr. Micallef, added that Fusion also reflects the company’s philosophy of being customer centric. “In fact the technology has been built to deliver a number of benefits to our existent and future clients. Amongst the product’s benefits we see the instant software rollout, the cross-browser compatibility for PCs and tablets, the work-from-anywhere concept, all supported by a simplified support engine and with constant software updates as being true benefits for our clients.”

Dr. Kevin Camilleri, DataByte’s Director said that Fusion will give its customers a completely new customer experience. Customers will now be able to manage all aspects of their system from a simple dashboard page – from granting user rights to buying a new license – any time and any day without the need to contact customer support.

Following the launch of Fusion, Dr. Camilleri said that the company is now focused on launching a suite of related applications in the area of employee management.

17th May 2017

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