How do I purchase licences for WorkForce modules?

Scenario: You wish to purchase new licences or increase licences for a particular period of timeTo purchase a licence, you can use the ‘Licence Calendar’ page in the ‘Licenses’ section.
This page can be accessed from the menu entry on the left. This page displays a calendar with all the current licences. Each product is denoted by its own unique colour. The panel on the right is a shopping cart which will display the prices of the licences when trying to buy a new one or extending an old one. From the panel you can also check the price list by pressing the button in header of the panel.

To purchase a new licence, press on the month from which you want the licence to start and a pop up will appear.

Here you use the drop down menus to select the period for which the licence will apply (Note: The licences can only be purchased up until the end of the next year), then you input the number of units that the licence should have. In the case of Leave, Payroll, etc…

The unit is employees whilst in the case of Visitors it is the number of desks. In the case of product using employees, units can only be purchased in bundles of 5. Once the desired length of the licence is chosen and the correct number of units for each product is inserted, press ‘Create Licence’ and the new licence will appear on the calendar.In the calendar the new licence can be identified by its lighter colour.

In the case an erroneous licence was added clicking on the licence and clicking the ‘Delete Licence’ button. In the case of already purchased licences the delete licence button is not available.

A licence can also be updated. By clicking on a licence the same popup will appear upon changing the number of units the ‘Save Changes’ button will be enabled and pressing it will update the licence as well as add an entry to the checkout panel.

Deleting an Updated licence will revert the calendar to show the licence which has already be purchased effectively undoing the upgrade. Entries for these new/updated licences are added into the panel on the right.

Pressing ‘Checkout’ will display a prompt from which you can proceed to buy the licence through PayPal.

Upon pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button you will be redirected to the PayPal website to complete the transaction.After the licence has be paid for, you will receive an email with a receipt and the calendar will updated to show the new licences.

There is no limit to how many licence once can buy at once. The different licences will be show in the panel. This panel also displays the total amount as well as breakdown of the licences and the total discount which you will benefit from.

To learn how to use each module separately, please see our product documentation section here: https://databyte.com.mt/documentation/