How do I start a FREE 60-day trial?

Scenario: You would like to start a FREE 60-day trial of Fusion.

Note: We recommend that you do not use Internet Explorer as an Internet Browser as it is no longer supported by Microsoft. Using it can result in issues with proceeding throughout all of the steps to setup your trial.

  1. Visit this URL and fill in the form:
  2. Click Register User
  3. Select Demo if you want to evaluate the product with fictional data and not use the account after the trial is over or select Register if you want to evaluate the product with your actual data and continue using the account after the trial is over.
  4. After selecting Demo you will receive a message that your account has been registered. After selecting Register, another form will appear asking for your Organisation details. Fill in the form and click Register Organisation.
  5. Check your inbox of the email account with which you registered with for a verification email.
  6. Click the activation link in the email and you can then log in to Fusion here:
  7. After logging into Fusion, select the green ‘Maintain Product’ button for whichever modules you would like to try and provide your user account with Administration Rights in order to be able to have access to all the features of each module.

To learn how to use each module separately, please see our product documentation here: