Over the years, we have worked with a multitude of technologies and systems. Starting with Mumps and Cache, moving to Delphi, then Visual Basic, and eventually C# and the .Net stack we use today.

Our focus has shifted to offering immediately available cloud solutions, which do not depend on a user’s operating system, admin rights or the version of other products installed on the machine. This shift enables us to push updates to clients instantly, with virtually no downtime.

Smart design also means that if a problem does occur on our systems, the error page that is displayed to our customer also triggers an alert to our team. Most of the time this means that we are aware of the problem and are already working on a solution before the customer even has time to call or email.

Today our philosophy when designing our systems is very simple.

FOCUSED ON CLOUD SOLUTIONS – We believe that the cloud is the future and we have invested heavily in bringing the benefits of the cloud to our customers.

SMART INTEGRATION – We believe in fully integrated systems. Our Fusion application framework is built with this in mind – a barrier to integration is a barrier to productivity.

ENABLING PRODUCTIVITY – We believe that the success of a business application is directly linked to how productive it enables your workforce to be.


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Special projects

Apart from our range of business applications, we sometimes take on special projects that require the design and development of bespoke applications that are tailored for the exact needs of our clients. These are a few examples of projects which we have worked on throughout the years.