A Digital Document Management System and Calendar which promotes productivity and efficiency for Human resources teams

WorkForce HR Assistant is a fully scalable Human Resources Document Management System and HR Calendar which allows for a new level of productivity and efficiency within Human Resources teams whilst creating a smaller footprint when compared to the regular processes and procedures of an HR team.

With this software we address the constant headaches of watching over the daily deadlines and important date events that HR can many a time miss. Just consider:

  • An employee probation period elapses;
  • An employee who has been with you for 10 years next week
  • Managing Employee birthdays
  • A license or certificate that needs renewal
  • An emergency or medical mishap where employee data is critical to provide
  • An employment contract that is needed online

and many more daily HR headaches.

All these essential dates and functions are now mapped out on the company’s HR calendar and document repository. With this software module, HR management becomes easier and efficient.

WorkForce HR Assistant is part of DataByte WorkForce – What is WorkForce?

WorkForce is a cloud-based HR Software Suite that brings all of our software modules together, it holds all employee data, organisation settings, allows for reporting, management of software licenses and more!

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Centralising all your global HR team efforts, without the need of paper

This cloud-based module allows for an HR team to function productively and efficiently, no matter how many different locations your HR personnel may be in. Our cloud-based platform allows for HR Assistant to be accessed from anywhere, on any computer or any device with an internet connection. All items added to this system populate a digital document repository, which are accessible by HR or administration team members based on the permissions provided to them. Notes can be created within this system and just like the documents, can be added to a calendar where reminders could be set in order for an action to be taken on these items.

Keeping your HR team’s practices and documents compliant and relevant

This module was built with GDPR compliance in mind and allows for documents to expire, based on a category that is set with them on upload. Reminders with in-app and email notifications can also be set with each document and this keeps the entire HR team in tune and up-to-date with all that needs doing.



Save time when searching and downloading items within our built-in Search Engine

The benefits of being able to search and sort all digital items within the calendar are endless as they save users a lot of time. This feature allows users to narrow down what they are looking for, quickly and easily with the use of tags that they create. Once documents are found, the download manager allows for multiple documents to be downloaded at once, further reducing the time needed when compared to a regular filing system.


Cloud Based Solution

The system is fully cloud based. No hassles with installations and backups. Just open your browser and log in from any device with an internet connection.


Secure and Scalable system

Built with our latest generation application framework and hosted on Microsoft Azure. Experience the benefits of a secure, rock-solid user-experience that is scalable.


Fully Integrated

No more importing and exporting of data from different systems. This module fully integrates with our Workforce products to further simplify the payroll process.

Additional Features

HR Assistant has been built from the ground up with the requirements of several HR teams to ensure that the module provides HR teams with the tools they need to run in an efficient and productive manner.

checked System notifications for users and groups

checked Share files and notes with other users

checked Never miss an important deadline or event

checked Produce a corporate-wide HR calendar

checked Insights on documents & HR related topics

checked Support for multilingual uploads and filing system

checked Fast, secure search & filtering options

checked GDPR Compliant

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This system forms part of the DataByte WorkForce HR Suite

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