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DataByte Payroll™ is a fully featured, cloud based payroll software package that enables Payroll Bureaux and other companies to easily schedule of payroll according to Malta’s payroll laws. In this article, we will be highlighting why DataByte Payroll™ has become an indispensable tool for several Payroll Bureaux around the Maltese islands.

This solution is beneficial for Payroll Bureaux because…

It allows for a multi-company setup

DataByte Payroll™ is an essential tool as it allows Payroll Bureaux to process payroll for an unlimited amount of companies and employees.

It is priced right

Pricing for DataByte Payroll™ is based on the amount of employees. Licences can be purchased in multiples of 5, meaning that you don’t need to pay for more than you need.

Special pricing for Bureaux

We offer beneficial rates for Payroll Bureaux, and reduce the cost per employee when you purchase additional employee licenses.

It is cloud based

DataByte Payroll™ runs on our secure and robust Fusion Framework which is hosted on Microsoft Azure. This setup does not require installation and allows you to login from any device with an internet connection. It also reduces IT costs as you don’t have to worry about moving around databases when changing computers. Learn more about Fusion.

It is easy to use and can be further automated with a leave system…

The process to run payroll can be further automated if your customers choose to use DataByte Leave™, a leave management system that enables for easy management of absenteeism and leave approval requested by a company’s employees. DataByte Leave™, fully integrates with DataByte Payroll™ as it populates leave calculations within the payslips generated by our payroll solution. Learn more about our Leave Management System.

… and Time & Attendance Software

DataByte also offer a Time Attendance Solution with Biometric devices that also integrates with DataByte Payroll™, providing Time Attendance calculations for payslips whilst ensuring that work time fraud is a thing of the past. Learn more about our Time Attendance System.

You remain in full control

As our Fusion Framework is built to allow for customising permissions, you would be able to provide access to allow your clients to approve leave requests and time and attendance clockings whilst keeping access to the Payroll module just for you. Furthermore, you would be able to empower your clients’ employees to request leave and clock-in at work or remotely, all at no additional cost.

It is compliant

Rest assured that with DataByte Payroll™, your payroll reports are fully compliant with the Inland Revenue Department of Malta. This software module was built with GDPR compliance in mind and also provides SEPA compliant direct credit reports which are accepted by Malta’s main banks.

visitor management works efficiently

It just works

DataByte Payroll™ works the way you want it to. It’s incredibly flexible, letting you do what you need to do, to run your payroll. No matter what type of client, there are no unnecessary restrictions on what you can do. It has proven to be a breath of fresh air for many customers who have switched from competing products.


We understand that moving your payroll data from one system to another, could be a daunting task. That is why our support team will be there to help you migrate your data, should you decide to use DataByte Payroll as your main application for processing payroll.